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B2B Demand Generation + High Quality Leads Generation
To B Professional Service Industry
Omni-Channel Target Marketing
Effective Approach High Quality Targeted Clients By Private Event Recruitment And Continuously Generate Leads Online and Offline By Content Marketing
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B2B Demand Generation + High Quality Leads Generation
B2B Demand Generation

Private Event CXO Recruitment

“Marketing is Aiming, Sales is Shooting” For new market expansion of the high average transaction value products and services, the Event Recruitment marketing program helps B2B marketers to target specific clients at top management level and show up in your own event based on target wish list. Successful execution of the marketing program is ensured by senior marketing consultants, exclusive data and CONTENT100 platform.
Fact –Since 2012, we have successfully run 300+ High-End Event Recruitment with professional service marketers in Asia Pacific and empower enterprise to go aboard or go to market. As the result, we help marketers in various professional service categories (HR, IT, Finance, Logistics) to acquire the new director level above senior executives in their own business gatherings like breakfast, luncheon or high-tea programs.

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