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Global ConsignIndex

Founded in 2011, Global ConsignIndex is dedicated in To B professional service (professional advisory and enterprise service) industry by contributing to marketing technology, content innovation and platform construction. We empower professional service marketers to build an agile marketing-driven organization.
  • As for To B professional service marketers, we work together to keep the sustainable growth of enterprise business. The featured services include digital marketing platform, IP marketing solution, private event CXO recruitment by dealing with the standardization of marketing technology, marketing resources and channels diversification to shorten the selling cycle for big deals.

  • And for To C business executive individuals, the IP platform ( is used to mapping individual professional IP and enterprise demands by various marketing technology enablement to realize the knowledge economics and IP private cell construction (IP course-online, IP Accelerator and etc) We are dedicated to build a new generation of business connections by contributing more to the continuous social business value – “to let no world apart” is the ultimate mission.
Full-Stack Digital Platform Platform For To B Professional Service Industry

Integrated Marketing Solution


Full-Stack Digital Platform
for marketing integration to
realize marketing-driven growrh


High quality content to improve content marketing and help enterprise be thought leader

Leads Generation

Targeted marketing
and generate leads via online and offline