Integrated Marketing |
2B Professional Service Industry
July 22, Shanghai, China
6th Total Professional Service Marketer Documentary 2022
Marketing Resilience 2022
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Jan 12/13/14 2022, Shanghai, China
Annual World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2022
Glocalization - Drive the Change of Localized Marketing Strategy
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Global ConsignIndex, a leading integrated marketing service institute in B2B professional service industry.
Help do leads generation online and offline and consolidate different marketing tools into one digital platform for demand generation.
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Integrated Marketing Platform
For B2B Professional Service Industry

- iShare | Connect Business IP(KOLs)to Achieve High Qualified Content

- Column Content Marketing Based on CONTENT100 Platform

CONTENT100 Short Video


- iSupport | Corporate Digital Marketing

- Full-Stack Digital Platform for Event / Content / Traffic / Marketing Leads Management


Full-Stack Digital Platform

- Private Event Marketing / 
Column Content Marketing & iShare | Connect Business IP(KOLs)  to Achieve Targeted Traffic and Generate Leads Service Online and Offline

Private Event /Column Content

Integrated Marketing Solution
Resource based on CONTENT100 Platform
  • Huge numbers of B2B KOLs from “Party A” companies
  • HSenior Executive at the position of HR, IT, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, Marketing, Admin, Legal and so on
  • Over 2,000 KOLs short videos
| Corporate Digital Marketing Full-Stack Platform
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Combine Four Systems to Improve Marketing Performance
  • Meeting Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Social CRM
  • Marketing Automation System
  • O2O User Behavior Tracking
  • Content Marketing For Leads & Engagement
  • QR Code to Build The Flow Cell
  • Personalized Content Targeting
| Creative C2B Business Module for Business IP Economy
A broker of Business IP economy helps individual IP branding. We connect business IP with enterprises fragmental demands and help companies solve the problem of lacking content; traffic and other resources.
  • Help companies find right KOLs in in-house training, external speech, consulting program, market research, content co-creation and flow attraction.
  • Target marketing through KOLs’ content and individual influences
  • Empower KOLs to be successful in the IP economy by their professional insight and vertical flow.
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All-Channels Accurate Leads Generation
Private Event Marketing(Offline)
  • Targeting Recruit Specific Clients with Wish List at Top Management Level
  • B2B Demand Generation
  • Shorten Sales Selling Cycle
Column Content Marketing(Online)
  • Construct Column Content
  • Targeting Accurate Potential Customer
  • High Quality Leads Generation
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B2B Marketing Views
Success Story
  • Mr. William Li
    VP, GaiaWorks
    Successful Case: GaiaWorks private event marketing with Consignindex
  • Ms. Helena Ma
    Marketing Director, Comrise
    Why does Comrise choose ConsignIndex as partner?
  • Ms. Rachel Li
    VP of Marketing,CDP Group
    Global ConsignIndex's target marketing solution
  • Ms. Erin Hu
    Marketing Director,SCG
    ConsignIndex help us identify the real demand
Over 300 Clients
Professional Service Industry
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Top B2B Marketers Premier Gathering
& World-class Congress

Total Professional Service Marketers (TPSM) Documentary
(Service Marketer Membership Annual Gathering)
Series executive gathering of professional service marketers regularly run to discuss the hot topics. TPSM Documentary is hosted every May time with over 200 professional service marketers attending...
World B2B Marketing Chief Congress (CC)
(The Best B2B Marketing Event in APAC)
Since 2011, every January, we organize the B2B marketers top premier congress in Shanghai with over 100+ marketing KOLs as prominent speakers and 400+ marketing executives as delegates...
Whitepaper:Professional Service Marketing 2020-2021
——Guide to digital marketing in professional service industry
Trends of professional service marketing in post epidemic situation
Features and trends of CXO online behavior
Analyse the gap between these two aspects and find the solution to make best practice
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