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iSupport:Corporation Short Video Full Stack Platform

 “ iSupport” is devoted to building up the Corporation Short Video Full Stack Platform to realize brand effectiveness unification. “ iSupport” program activate data pool and track customer behavior through content labeling, marketing automation technology and Big Data algorithms. Meanwhile, it optimizes customer experience in offline events and get all user profile online and offline through WeChat API development.

“Influence empower Productivity”
iShare: Personal "Business Card" Production and Marketing - Empower Individual Brand IP

Individual Brand IP is the new generation of business socialization. iShare program is a creative C2B model to fit into new content economics and Empower Individual Brand IP. “iShare” could be applicated in multi mini-sharing content programs including in-house training,external speech, market research and consulting program. “iShare” based on CONTENT100, third party endorsement, breakthrough four bottlenecks of making content business: business module, marketing channel, marketing campaign and expertise demo.

Meanwhile, the company can choose suitable IPs to help solve the problems and breakthrough the bottlenecks in different stages by “iShare” program (in-house training,external speech, market research and consulting program.).Compared with the trainers of traditional consulting company, IPs has richer practical experience and strategic thinking since they are at their post from the famous companies. So they can help enterprises to overcome difficulties in actual situation and project landing.

“Your IP Makes Wealth”