| Corporate Digital Marketing Full-Stack Platform
Meeting Management + Content Management + SCRM + Marketing Automation
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iSupport - One Platform for Four Systems to Improve Marketing Performance
Event Management
O2O Digital User Experience & User Behavior Tracking
One-stop for online and offline event management: channel tracking, register, on-site sign-in, on-site interaction, survey, conference information,pre-event reminder, paper delivery…
Content Management
Content Marketing for Leads & Engagement
  • Content for registrations to get customer profile
  • Personalized content nurturing to trigger the targeting customers’ action
  • Tracking content ROI
Social CRM
WeChat QR Code to Build the Flow Cell
- Multi-channels flow attraction and customer relationship management
- Converting high-value leads through personalized campaign and content like webinars/events/whitepapers/videos...
Leads Nurturing Program
Personalized Targeting
- Integrate Omni-channel user data
- Label and group the leads for personalized targeting to deliver win-ready leads to sales
Leads management
Marketing operation optimization/CX
Leads generation
•Leads nurturing
Pain Point
Lack of content
Lack of flow
Lack of resource
Hard to measurement
Privatized flow cell
Vertical content chain
Lean operation
Business IP Economy
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