Business IP + Creative C2B Business Module for Business Socialization
Improve Individual and Enterprise Cooperation
Over 2000 KOLs short videos

Huge numbers of B2B KOLs at high level position of
HR; IT, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, Legal from “Party A” companies
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IP Makes No One Feel Worlds Apart
Individual Brand IP is the new generation of business socialization. iShare program is a creative C2B model to fit into new content economics and Empower Individual Brand IP. “iShare” could be applicated in multi mini-sharing content programs including in-house training,external speech, market research and consulting program. “iShare” based on CONTENT100, third party endorsement, breakthrough four bottlenecks of making content business: business module, marketing channel, marketing campaign and expertise demo.

Meanwhile, the company can choose suitable IPs to help solve the problems and breakthrough the bottlenecks in different stages by “iShare” program (in-house training, external speech, consulting program, market research, content co-creation and flow attraction).Compared with the trainers of traditional consulting company, IPs has richer practical experience and strategic thinking since they are at their post from the famous companies. So they can help enterprises to overcome difficulties in actual situation and project landing.
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Core Value
For Companies
  • Help companies find right KOLs
  • Achieve Party A content and vertical flow
  • Target marketing through KOLs’ content and individual influences
  • Go to market research
For KOLs
  • Improve individual IP branding and provide customized videos for their IP endorsement
  • Fit into new content economics
  • Empower KOLs to be successful in the IP economy by their professional insight and vertical flow.

iShare Program

Consulting Service
Real Estate
Other Industries
Supply Chain
Other Management Positions
In-House Training
External Speech
Consulting Program
Market Research
Content Co-Creation
Flow Attraction