【9.22 Webinar For Asia Pacific】 Panel Discussion on WeChat Marketing (4 Panelists are Confirmed)
September 22, 2020
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【September 22】Webinar

 Panel Discussion on WeChat Digital Marketing

【Sep.22】From Gordon-Webinar Invitation- Panel Discussion.png

Welcome to 4th APAC Digital Marketing Webinar. Marketing Leaders from CITS American Express Global Business Travel , Willis Towers Watson, Aryaka are invited to present. Under the new normal situation, the digital marketing is changed by the new connection method with your clients :

(1) The WeChat connection method is more valuable than social media itself 

(2) Real time and right time marketing

(3) System integration

(4) Data security and compliance

(5) ABM - new integration with resource and technology 

(6) System fitness: B2B professional service industry

Date: September 22th (Tuesday)

Time: 15:00 pm -16:00 pm Singapore

Language: English

Free Regional Webinar: Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, Australia


1. Mr. Gordon Tsu, CEO of Global ConsignIndex

2. Ms. Henni Hu, Head of Marketing, CITS American Express Global Business Travel

3. Mystery Guest

4. Mr. Reagen Li, Senior Marketing Manager Greater China,Aryaka Networks

Issues we would discuss:

1)  What's the problem of global company's local digitalization in China

2)  Why WeChat?How WeChat digital paltform works to make performance?

3)  Real time and right time marketing

4)  System fitness in B2B professional service industryWhat are the special requirements for digital system compared with other B2B industries?

5)  System integration

6) Data security and compliance

7) ABM - new integration with resource and technology 

Invited VIPs: CEO/MD/GM & Marketing Leaders in charge of regional or global marketing:

-       Demand Generation

-       Leads Lifecycle Management

-       Digital Marketing & Communication

-       Field Marketing

-       Market Strategy


Industrial Focus:

-       HR professional service

-       IT professional service

-       Finance professional service

-       Logistics professional service

-       Outsourcing & BPO service

-       Management consulting

-       Other B2B enterprise service companies

For Registration:

You will receive comfirmation letter after your registration is approved and receive reminder letter with webinar links before it begins.


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