【8.13 Webinar For Asia Pacific】 WeChat Digital Marketing Roadmap
August 13, 2020
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【August 13】Webinar

 WeChat Digital Marketing Roadmap


Many companies are looking opportunities in China market but they may find the popular digital marketing tools don't work. Although the digital maturity is increasing during the covid-19 pandemic, they haven't realized the digital way client being connected is different in China and global. In the situation in China, digital marketing platforms based on WeChat is becoming increasingly important than ever, and regional marketers, even global marketers should reconsider how to combine WeChat with their digital marketing strategy.

Date: August 13th (Thursday)

Time: 15:00 pm -16:00 pm Singapore

Speakers: Mr. Gordon Tsu, CEO of Global ConsignIndex

Language: English

Free Regional Webinar: Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, Australia


Highlight Topics  

1. China vs Global:From email to social media connection

• The situation of global systems implemented in China

• Why WeChat? The way client being connected is different

2. Digital marketing workflow based on WeChat

• Content matrix

• Traffic attraction

• System Logic Fitness

3. Consolidate different marketing tools into one platform for demand generation

• 360°view of clients

• Personalized content targeting

• ROI Measurement

Invited VIPs: CEO/MD/GM & Marketing Leaders in charge of regional or global marketing:

-       Demand Generation

-       Leads Lifecycle Management

-       Digital Marketing & Communication

-       Field Marketing

-       Market Strategy


Industrial Focus:

-       HR professional service

-       IT professional service

-       Finance professional service

-       Logistics professional service

-       Outsourcing & BPO service

-       Management consulting

-       Other B2B enterprise service companies

This webinar has concluded.

Click here to view the 7.16 Webinar recorded version.


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