Global ConsignIndex is a leading 2B marketing service institute in B2B professional service industry. Founded in 2011, Global ConsignIndex is dedicated in B2B professional service industry and focuses on marketing technology, content innovation and platform construction. We enable professional service marketers to build a big marketing-driven organization. And we also help business KOLs in their own business IP construction and address the issues like IP promotion, endorsement and monetization.

(1) For professional service marketers, we develop CONTENT100 (www.contentour.com), a KOL IP platform, to help company build an integrated digital full-stack platform for content management, enterprise privatized cell flow, event management, leads nurturing and alliance with KOL/Business IP. We also provide private event target marketing program by recruiting new target specific clients at top management level to create door-to-door business opportunity and shorten selling cycle.

(2) For KOLs from CONTENT100, we provide customized videos for their IP endorsement and iShare program to connect them with enterprises fragmental demands, including market research, in-house training, consulting program, external speech, content co-creation and flow cooperation, and finally empower KOLs to be successful in the IP economy by their professional insight and vertical flow.