Jan. 16-18, 2019 Shanghai . China

16th World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2019

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Incentive Policy 优惠政策:


10% Supper Early Bird (100#) Prior to Oct.25;10月25日前确认报名,享受10%折扣(前100位);


5% Early Bird Prior to Oct.25; 10月25日前确认报名,享受5%提前报名折扣;


10% Super Group Rate for 5+ Delegates;超过五人参会,享受10%团体报名折扣;


5% Group Rate for 3+ Delegates;超过三人参会,享受5%团体报名折扣;


One Ticket for One Person。一人一票制。

Basic Info 报名信息:

 Marketer 市场营销者
 Marketing Vendor 营销服务机构

Select Your Ticket Type 选择您的参会门票类型:

 Three-Day Pass 3天票: RMB 9,600/one
 Two-Day Pass 2天票: RMB 7,500/one
 One-Day Pass 1天票: RMB 4,700/one
注册参会嘉宾授权主办方拥有其参会信息参会人员注册或参加本次活动即表示知悉并同意将个人信息授权给本次活动的主办方或赞助商/参展商 Registered participants authorize the organizer to have their participation information. Registration or participation in the event means that participants know and agree to authorize personal information to the organizer or sponsor/exhibitor of the event.