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13th B2B Marketers' series event –
4th World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2016
B2B Modern Marketer: Artist vs. Scientist – Maturity Speaks Louder
January 20/21/22. 2016

Event Outline
400+ B2B Marketers
105 Keynote Speakers
95 Breakout Sessions
12 Concurrent Tracks
10 Plenary Sessions
Welcome Party, Night Gathering & Cocktail


In 2015, 3rd World B2B Marketing Chief Congress we discuss more on defining the ideal modern marketers in terms of targeting, engagement, conversion, analysis, and technology. In 2016, 4th World B2B Marketing Chief Congress, we will invite more experts to share with audience that the success roadmap of being a modern marketer due to your marketing maturity.


"In June2014, Oracle commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate marketing's maturity in targeting, engagement, conversion, analysis, and technology—the areas in which modern marketers most need to excel to engage their more capable and sophisticated buyers. A Modern marketer go through the stage from Novice, Developing, Experienced to Modern marketers. The study discovered strong correlation between modern marketing practices and business success. Companies that embrace modern marketing processes outperform peers and competitors on key business performance indicators, including revenue growth, market share, and workplace excellence."

Marketers Upgrade To Modern Practices:

- Improve targeting and customer understanding through data analytics and personas.
- Increase investment in data management technology and skills to turn data into insight.
- Use real-time feedback and behavior tracking to understand their customers better.
- Extend conversion efforts beyond acquisition.
- Avoid depending on traditional outbound approaches.
- Measure cross-channel influence to better attribute marketing's impact on the business
- Knit together systems to produce a fully integrated automated marketing platform.
- Focus on how to employ best marketing practice in different to increase the business revenue


- Track A: Be Scientist
- Track B: Business Support
- Track C: Old-School
- Track D: Marketing Avenger
- Track E: Marcom & PR
- Track F: CMO Study
- Track G: Be Artist
- Track H: Marketing Maturity
- Track  I: New-School
- Track J: Marketing Automation
- Track K: Modern Marketing-Mix
- Track L: CMO Agenda

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