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3rd World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2015
From Real to Ideal – To Be Modern B2B Marketers

Shanghai, China
January 28/29/30. 2015

Event Outline
300+ B2B Marketers
10 Concurrent Tracks
10 Plenary Sessions
80 Breakout Sessions
90 Keynote Speakers
Welcome Party, Night Gathering & Cocktail

CC2015 is our 12th B2B Marketing series event and 3rd World B2B Marketing Chief Congress. In last year's congress (CC2014), we invited 60 featured from various industries and giant companies to share the past successful case studies and wonderful marketing knowhow & knowledge to realize "Success in Real Time, Right Time and Big Data for Engagement OnDemand and Inbound New Marketing Initiatives".

For this congress, it will focus on "From Real to Ideal – To Be Modern B2B Marketers". There will be 100 featured speakers to share the latest successful marketing campaign and strategies by themselves. Today's B2B marketers are now facing lots of pain points in daily work and they found that there is a long way to go to reaching the goal they wished. They understand the competencies that are required in their jobs, but admit as well that they fall short compared to how "ideal" marketers would blend these competencies: Marketing Technology, Data Analytics, Client Engagement, Shooting Targets, Conversion….

Online Survey

How digitally mature are you?
The Digital Marketing Maturity Index is an international
study created by Global B2B agency Stein IAS, designed
to define the digital marketing maturity of the global
business marketing community. Assess the
sophistication of your brand's demand and revenue
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Cocktail Party

For all registered participants, you are privileged to attend the glamorous cocktail party on Day 1, Jan.28,
2015 and to win a fancy gift of Google Glass!!! after finish the online survey. click here

Top 10 Variable Affecting Factor in B2B Marketing

- Benchmark and Measurement
- Local Infrastructure and Culture
- Localization Market vs. Globalization Strategy
- Budget Planning
- In-house or outsourcing
- Digital Goes Somewhere or Nowhere
- Mass Content vs. Solo Content
- Top Management and Talent Acquisition
- Decision Makers are Getting Crowded
- Trusted Vendors are Critical


- Track A:Demand Generation
- Track B:Brand Communication
- Track C:Market Intelligence
- Track D:Strategic Marketing
- Track E:Content Marketing
- Track F:Sales Enablement
- Track G:PR 2.0+
- Track H:Marketing Technology
- Track  I:Channel Marketing
- Track J:Digital Marketing

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