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About Partners

About B2B Platform

EleKungfu ( is a B2B interactive platform with B2B activities oriented. It is to create the business value for b2b marketing, networking and collaboration.

Story: Where does the name come from?

EleKungfu is the abbreviation of “Elephant Kungfu” which is coming from the book “Who Says Elephant Cannot Dance” by Mr. Louis V. Gerstner, ex-Chairman from IBM. The bigger the firm the more clumsy the response to the market change. Think about Kungfu Panda, who reacts to the change with right response!So, B2B executives need kungfu from time to time and the experts can help them kungfu, right? Where are the experts coming from? Definitely, the service providers and opinion leaders.

-“Elephant, do you kungfu today?”

Value: What are the value for you?

What is EleKungfu about? EleKungfu is the pure B2B activity based model to socialize the business: webinar, on-line discussion, event, article, podcast, and so forth. You will have your own mini site and select the activities you like and generate the good contacts via them. No worry about the privacy and pushing message. All your information is well protected. You have the definite power to choose and collect those you like. The pure content driven platform will optimize your time on networking, business, and collaboration.

- “Content is King, Data is Queen, Activity is the Ring!”

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